The Environment

Dr Ivanov’s boutique private practice specializes in providing compassionate, experienced, confidential, and highly-customized psychiatric and psychotherapy services for adults, ages 18 and older, in NYC and the surrounding areas. In our offices, we provide state of the art medical care in a serene non-hospital setting.

Our NYC Psychiatrist practice is founded with the idea to make mental health care available, convenient and comfortable for the busy NYC professionals. Some of the reasons you can feel confident choosing our practice:

  • Convenient midtown Manhattan location.
  • Late evening and early morning office appointments.
  • Electronic prescribing with paperless e-prescriptions and electronic medical records.
  • And most importantly, the safe and comforting environment through which healing occurs:

“In my own psychiatry practice, I aim to create safe, reliable and nurturing environment in which patients can feel comfortable discussing their symptoms, experiences and concerns. I focus on really listening to my patients and establishing an honest and trusting doctor-patient alliance. That respect, privacy, and confidentiality are essential to creating an environment where patients can explore their inner selves.

When it comes to treatment, I ensure that my patients fully understand the diagnosis, as well as the risks and benefits of all possible treatment options, whether they involve medication, psychotherapy, or education. Then, collaboratively, we decide upon a plan that will lead to health, wholeness, and optimal functioning. Based upon your needs, we may discuss the use of psychiatric medications to target particular symptoms, especially when these difficulties are so severe as to interfere with daily functioning or the productive use of psychotherapy.

I acknowledge the courage that it takes to seek help and I admire those willing to try. I will do everything in my power to make you comfortable in your pursuit of mental health and health care.”


Dr. Zlatin Ivanov